Update : 20.11.2017 
The female from our kennel took part in the national show 19.11.2017 Pruszków CWC and got excellent grade I, Junior Winner, BOB Junior I am very proud of you girl, very successful debut!
Yamir has 2 months.
I'm already 1.5 months old. YAMIR Exotic World.
YAMIR Exotic World available .
11.09.2017 was born litter "Y" . He was born a naked dog.
The last boy from litter A went to his new home. He has a new friend there.They give much love to their new family.
Our next baby dog went to his new home. Good luck to our beloved baby.
In September we expect puppies.
Happy baby with his owner. Good luck in your new home.
Happy family . Good luck in a new home.
Pedigree puppies.
Puppies are 4 weeks old.
UMBERTO Exotic World and his new owner.
Welcome to the world Litter "P" 24.06.2016
Welcome to the world Litter "R " 27.06.2016
KSARA Exotic World & LEXUS Exotic World New Polish Champions...
LEXUS Exotic World  Nowy Sacz 05.06.2016 Krajowa Grupy 9- exc I,CWC,NDPwR,BOB
KSARA Exotic World  Nowy Sacz 05.06.2016 Krajowa Grupy 9- Exc I,CWC,NDSwR.
Internationale Rassehunde-Ausstellung 
Neumünster 2016
Malaga Exotic World
V2 Res.-Anw.Dt.Ch.VDHRes.CAC
Congrats Sabine Simon !!!
ODETTA Exotic World 
 CAC Nowy Sacz05.06.2015- exc I, Junior Winner,BOB Junior, BOS
CAC Gostynin 29.05.2016 - exc I , Junior Winner,BOB Junior, BOS 
Congrats Patricia!
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