Grade I - completely naked body, with
very rare hair on the mane, paws and tail. In extreme cases, the dog
may be completely bare, without bangs, socks and hair on the tail.Second
degree - throughout the body (on the back) occasionally grow a single
hair. Hair on the head covers the entire length of the skull and neck
piece, but should not grow in large quantities at the withers. Hair on
the legs cover the foot and the tail form a thin plume, starting roughly
a fifth the length of the base of the tail.Third grade - on the
body (the spine, the thighs and the front legs) grow hair. The mane is
thick and reaches up to the withers. The hair on my legs grow the
ankles, and the hair on the tail touch the base of the Szczecinek the
back.Fourth grade - the whole body grow weak hair, most of the
spine, hips and front paws. It is permitted to a minimum sprouting on
the sides and under the belly. The muzzle is heavily overgrown. Hair on
the mane, paws and tail are thick and without proper przystrzyżenia can
destroy the image of Crested.V grade - overgrown dog all over
his body - including the abdomen. Do not shaved may resemble hairy
Crested (powder-puff), but the density of the hair is different. Mane,
paws and tail are very effective. More on the Swedish side: 
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