UMBERTO Exotic World and his new owner.
Welcome to the world Litter "R " 27.06.2016
Welcome to the world Litter "P" 24.06.2016
KSARA Exotic World & LEXUS Exotic World New Polish Champions...
LEXUS Exotic World  Nowy Sacz 05.06.2016 Krajowa Grupy 9- exc I,CWC,NDPwR,BOB
KSARA Exotic World  Nowy Sacz 05.06.2016 Krajowa Grupy 9- Exc I,CWC,NDSwR.
Internationale Rassehunde-Ausstellung 
Neumünster 2016
Malaga Exotic World
V2 Res.-Anw.Dt.Ch.VDHRes.CAC
Congrats Sabine Simon !!!
ODETTA Exotic World 
 CAC Nowy Sacz05.06.2015- exc I, Junior Winner,BOB Junior, BOS
CAC Gostynin 29.05.2016 - exc I , Junior Winner,BOB Junior, BOS 
Congrats Patricia!
GASPAR Exotic World  07.05.2016 Minsk Mazowiecki CAC- Exc.II 
KSARA Exotic World  07.05.2016 Minsk Mazowiecki CAC- Exc.II 
GASPAR Exotic World     01.05.2016 Dobre Miasto CAC- exc II 
Spotifly BUSY DOIN NOTHIN'  01.05.2016 Dobre Miasto CAC- exc I, CWC,NDSwR,BOS 
ORFEUS and his new master. Good luck in your new home.
ORISA Exotic World film from its owner. Many health next summer tiny.
17.05.2015r day was an exhibition CAC Radom on of which have shown what I can do 3 our dogs:
 KSARA Exotic World - excellent, .I, CAC,
LEXUS Exotic World - excellent, II,
 BUSY Spotifly DOIN 'NOTHIN' - excellent II.
CACIB Lodz 05/02/2015 at the exhibition showed one glides KSARA Exotic World received the lock. I then started CAC adult Polish Champion !!!
CAC Dobre Miasto in this exhibition 01.05.2015 attended 3 our dogs:
KSARA Exotic World  received deposits and,
LEXUS Exotic World it was one of his exhibition at which it received the place I, excellent and Junior Winner and at that point started Polish Junior Champion,
Spotifly BUSY DOIN 'NOTHIN' got I place, Junior Winner, Best Junior, the victory of the opposite sex so started Polish Junior Champion .
We are very proud of our dogs ...
26.03.2015 of the world welcomed Litter "O". 9 puppies born (4HL, 2 pp female, 3 male pp)
21.03.2015  litter was born " N " (1 male hl , 1male pp , 1hl female), parents are :
One of our puppies, already went to her new home. Good luck, baby ...
Spotifly BUSY DOINT NOTHIN & LEXUS Exotic World my love....
Dated 16.08.2014 CAC Czestochowa our bitch HANA Exotic World participated in the exhibition and won there excellent I, CAC, NDSwR, BOS. We are very proud !!!
On 16.02.2014
we participated in the International Dog Show CACIB Rzeszow with two
bitches got: PRINCESS MADELEINE Sealsa (hl) note - excellent, I place,
CWC thus ended the third exhibition of Polish Champion, while our second
girl (pp) debuted in junior class HEJDI Exotic World received -
excellent, place II. We are very proud!! Congratulations to owner HEJDI J. Kosiorek!!!!!!
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